//Harheim (Frankfurt am Main)

Harheim (Frankfurt am Main)


Harheim (Frankfurt am Main)

Harheim borders on the north with Nieder-Eschbach, Nieder-Erlenbach, and on the south on Bonames und Berkersheim (all districts in Frankfurt); it borders on the east on Bad Vilbel. The dissolution in 1803, Harheim fell under the control of the Principality Nassau-Usingen. Three years later, the Principality was merged with the Principality at Nassau-Weilburg to create the Duchy Of Nassau. The Duchy of Nassau, an ally of Austria was defeated in 1866 by the Kingdom of Prussia during the Austro-Prussian War. This took Nassau. Harheim however, gave it to the Grand Duchy of Hesse in the peace treaty of Sept. 3, 1866 [2] that incorporated the village into the province of Upper Hesse. Harheim was subject to an extremely complex particular law. The following were applicable: Nassau law and Mainzer Landrecht. Title 28 of Solmser Landrechts (marital Property Law) was modified by the Mainz “Declaratory Remscript” on September 11, 1773. [3] The Civil Code was first applied. It was the same throughout German Reich. Harheim was part of the district Court of Vilbel from 1866 to 1879, and the District Court of Vilbel from 1879 until 1879.

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The Famous Neighbourhood of Frankfurt am Main – Harheim

Harheim was part of the Grand Duchy of Hesse from 1918 until 1918. Since 1918 it belonged to the People’s State of Hesse. This state was brought into compliance in 1934 by the National Socialist German Reich. Harheim is a municipality located in Friedberg (Hesse), the state of Hesse, since 1945. After five communities were merged to create the municipality of Eschbachtal, the regional restructuring in Hesse failed. In 1972, the incorporation of Frankfurt was made possible by a law passed by the Hessian state legislature on 1. August 1972 [4] with the three northern districts Kalbach, Nieder-Eschbach, and Nieder-Erlenbach. Contrary to Kalbach and Nieder-Erlenbach, Harheim and Nieder-Eschbach refused to sign an incorporation agreement. Locals even gained movie stardom for their defiance when he appeared in six-part TV series (“Die Wilsheimer”), which was also created with amateur actors. According to the official website for Frankfurt, the Harheimers still display a “certain individuality”.

The third Russell Tribunal took place in Hamburg on March 29, 1979. It condemned violations of human rights in the Federal Republic of Germany. Harheim’s village character has been preserved despite the development of many new areas. It has a vibrant community life. The Harheimer Kerb is well-known beyond the boundaries. Harheim is currently experiencing upheaval. It is expanding through new areas in the south and north, and through the new development area “Sudost Unbergweg”.

It is difficult to find reliable data about population growth. It is known that Harheim was established in 1660, i.e. shortly, after the Thirty Year’s War, Harheim housed 206 electoral Mainz as well as 7 foreign serfs. In 1823 (594) and 1900 (10995 inhabitants), the population figures were documented. There were 1200 people in the area before the Second World War (1939), and 2180 in 1964. There were 3535 inhabitants at the incorporation in 1972, and 3928 according to the 2002 statistical yearbook. The number of residents grew to 4294 (2012) after new constructions were completed on the eastern edge in 2006/10. A new area of development in Harheim’s west (2012-2016), has seen a few hundred more people. The current population is 5,294. Harheim, like Kalbach and Nieder-Erlenbach is one of Frankfurt’s districts that retains a rural feel, high home ownership rate, and low unemployment rate.

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