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The best places to visit with High Class Escort Heidelberg.

Germany is filled with different kinds of attractions for tourists to visit and have a good time. One of the cities of Germany is Heidelberg and it is known to be one of the most romantic cities. It consists of numerous attractions for visitors and ensures that they are having a fun time. From having a range of different bridges, riversides, and castles, it gives people the true fairy tale experience due to its highly attractive and romantic places. There are old buildings that are situated in Heidelberg as well. This makes it a place for all different kinds of adventures. It also helps people from all over the world to gain knowledge about different areas. The historic site can easily be seen while the modern side as well. 

Heidelberg has a wide population and it is situated in the southwest of Germany. 

There is a river as well which is known as the river Neckar. Therefore, this makes the place more exquisite as well as beautiful in terms of mother nature. Frankfurt, another city in Germany, is 78 kilometers away. Therefore, it is a live area that has a great source of attraction for the citizens as well as for tourists. An estimated 4 million tourists or visitors come to Heidelberg every year. Therefore, there are high levels of entertainment within Heidelberg that you can surely enjoy. 

Heidelberg is also one of the warmest places in Germany because of the hills of Odenwald. Hence, it has some of the brightest trees as well such as an olive tree. There are other things that grow marvelously as well such as almonds, figs, and African parakeets. Hence, if you are looking to go on a tour in Germany, here are some of the places that you need to visit in Heidelberg. 

  • Heidelberg Castle 

This castle is built of red Neckar sandstone and it is about 200 meters above the Heidelberg old town. This castle has been a symbol of German Renaissance Architecture. Therefore, it holds a ton of importance in the hearts of the people. There are tons of different festivals that happen near the castle and also display amazing fireworks during the festive time of the year. There are also theater performances that happen in the courtyard of the castle. Concerts are also conducted here and it brings the castle spark. Hence, it is not just something that you can view but, also move into it to see the different entertainment activities. However, one of the most popular events that happen in the castle is the Heidelberg castle festival. This is held from June all the way to August. 

This event has different things involved in this event which features choral music, an eclectic mix of theater, jazz, chamber orchestras, folk, and opera as well. The Heidelberg Castle can be reached by railway as well from Kormarkt because it runs from there as well. You can reach it by a 15-minute walk from the Old Town as well. Therefore, this is one of the best places to visit in Heidelberg. 

  • Hauptstrasse and the Altstadt or known as the Old Town 

The Old Town is one of the best places to visit in Heidelberg. This city is known as one of the most beautiful places. You will find tons of different sites of mother nature and also amazing architecture. The streets are narrow and you can easily explore them of your free will. There are also different boutiques, galleries, restaurants as well as cafes too for your convenience. 

The Old Town also consists of the Heilliggeistkirche Church. There are other old attractions that you will be able to discover as well when you are in Old Town. There is a market as well which includes a skating rink. It is transformed to be fairy-tale themed with all of the lights and the castle as well above. Hence, it gives the best imaginable look for tourists. 

You will find Heidelberg University as well. A boat ride is also offered to everyone who visits. Hence, it is a great place to discover and go within the depths. 

  • Church of the Holy Spirit 

This is also a famous landmark in Heidelberg. It was built in 1709 mainly after when the church was set on fire in the war of the Palatine succession by the French. Therefore, it is an old tower that started the process in 1398 but wasn’t built until 1544. Hence, this also holds immense importance in the history of Germany. It creates a landmark due to its history which hides behind it. Therefore, now the Church is looked upon as an attraction as well which is a symbol of history at the same time. The exterior and overall architecture of the Church is one of a kind which makes it stand out as well. 

  • Heidelberg University 

The Heidelberg University is located on the east side and it is a great place to visit. The university was built from 1928 to 1931. Therefore, it is one of the most adorn places in Heidelberg because of its highly well-made structure and also because of its old history. A ton of students have passed through which makes it a remarkable structure that provides the citizens with the best kind of service as well. You will learn a lot about the structure and university when you explore it. 

  • Karl Theodor Bridge 

This is also known as the Old Bridge. It is one where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and it is also built beautifully. The sculpture is truly a masterpiece and it has some of the best old materials used. This bridge has been brought up in numerous poems as well as paintings because of its fine beauty and importance as well. The bridge joins the two sides of Heidelberg. There is a sister bridge as well next to it which makes you enjoy the pleasant aroma. You can also take a look at the river below. 

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