//Young Sugar baby escort girl with 60 year old Wealthy business man

Young Sugar baby escort girl with 60 year old Wealthy business man

I was looking to earn some cash to fund my studies but no job was paying me enough money for it. One day, one of my friend advised me to become an Escort Frankfurt as she told me that it is a high earning profession and I could work while managing my studies. For me it was a glorious opportunity and I signed up for it. My first client, however, was a 60-year-old man. I was quite nervous to spend time with a guy who quite older than me but since it was my first meeting, I said yes to the appointment as I wanted to make a mark on the escort industry. Young Sugar baby escort girl with 60 year old Wealthy business man I arrived at the Kempinski Hotel where he was staying and took the elevator to his room. While I was standing outside his room, my heart was pumping really fast and I could feel tingling in my feet. I was quite anxious by the thought of what awaits me behind that door. The door opened and I was shocked. Young Sugar baby escort girl with 60 year old Wealthy business man I was expecting a shabby old guy to greet me but the appearance of my client was totally opposite of what I envisioned. He was a bald guy but was in fine shape which you normally don’t expect from an old aged guy. He welcomed me in as I saw his suite filled with snacks and drinks. He was a true gentleman as he made me quite comfortable with his funny jokes and interesting talks. Few glasses of champagne and his stories broke the ice before we came to the main part. Before we started, I asked him his preferences so I could make his experience with me the best one of his life. However, I was stunned by his reply as he told me that he wanted to explore my kinks and fantasies. Usually men don’t think about their partner’s fantasies when it comes to sex so I was quite delighted that someone was willing to take interest in my desires. I told him I enjoy a lot of foreplay and love to give oral. He moved closer to me and gently kissed on my cheek before making his way to my lips. I could feel his tongue in my mouth which was quite a turn on before he kissed every inch of my skin. This act of his made me feel quite wanted and I couldn’t stop myself from unzipping his pants and stroke his dick while he kept kissing me. Soon, I took his dick in my mouth and gave him a blowjob without condom. While I was blowing him, I could hear him moan which got me going and both got naked to have an intense sex. Another surprise was waiting for me as he lasted longer than I expected. After the sex, he gave me a handsome tip along with an expensive bracelet as a token of appreciation and he even made his driver drop me back home. An experience which I felt was going to be my biggest mistake became the best moments of my life.

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