//What you can do at night in Frankfurt

What you can do at night in Frankfurt

Frankfurt’s nightlife is not dull at all. The student population is huge across the city and they all love to party and enjoy the nightlife of Frankfurt in the best way. The backpackers who are looking for a good time will rarely leave Frankfurt unsatisfied. The center of this town has its amazing touch of some of the best trendy bars which cater to all the wealthy businessmen. However, the large student community and the artistic feel in many districts mean that there are so many cheap bars and nightclubs with a more youthful, and lively vibe.

Frankfurt is home to over 43,000 students. And you can always feel their presence in the area of Bockenheim that surrounds their university campus. The streets here are packed with cafes, pubs, and bars that are full of students most nights of the week. Frankfurt is the financial center of Germany and it is also a major student city, a showcase for artworks, live jazz, and is also the birthplace of tech-house music. This international scene consists of nearly 33 percent foreign nationals which mean that there is always something for everyone.

Our agency Escort-lady luck will help you with our Escort Frankfurt to show you where to go to find your party in Frankfurt’s nightlife. This tour-guide escort would also help you to find the top bars and clubs and will give you tips for going out in the city. One thing that you should know is that Frankfurt’s clubbing is not cheap. In live music terms, however, Frankfurt is very well off: Kleine Bockenheimer Strasse is known as ‘Jazzgasse’ for its concentration of jazz clubs. There are so many bars to the north of the city and you can also find some of the pleasant beer gardens here. Frankfurt’s nightlife as a whole has the feel which is cool but in a decidedly laidback and relaxed way.

Where to go for Party in Frankfurt with an Escort Frankfurt

Frankfurt welcomes diversity to its nightlife scene and caters everything from beer gardens, pubs, to jazz dens to techno clubs. Every neighborhood of this city has a different vibe making it easy to pick a spot depending on what you want to do for the night. Your escort Frankfurt will be accompanying you and will help you choose the right hub of your taste where you could party like an animal and just enjoy your time.

The club scene of Frankfurt is legendary, and while Berlin is known the best for its clubs and nightlife, Frankfurt paved the way with its best Cocoon Club. This club will get your groove on and it is the perfect spot to go with your escort to enjoy the night.

The second best is Robert Johnson. This renowned club on the banks of the Main river is one of the best. Not just in Frankfurt but also it is one of the best techno clubs in the world. The tech-house genre was developed here in Frankfurt and all the DJs from all over the world frequently make an appearance here and utilize their top-tier sound system which makes the crowd go crazy. This is a spot for techno lovers but the capacity here is only for 100 person which makes a strict door policy.

The Tanzhaus West club is Located in an old factory which gives an aesthetic look, this underground club plays a wide range of music from cyber house to hip-hop to goa trance and gives you the feel like tomorrow-land. The outdoor garden is open for DJ sets and sound systems and some live concerts in the summer.

O25 Club is more like a club for stoners. This place has a different vibe and the dark, smoky space features all the variety of music and makes the young crowd enjoy their night.

Club Anthrazit is the little electro club with a cool DJ and also a VJ (Video Jockey) that projects colors, patterns, and shapes to fit the music and add something new for the crowd to see and enjoy.

Dreikönigskeller is one of the oldest clubs. Since 1988, Dreikonigskeller in Sachsenhausen has and themes that differ each day like jazz and blues. The music from the ’60s and ’70s, R&B and soul, New Wave, and much more. This club takes you on the feel of ’60s with its top music of that era.

The Cave Club is an underground nightclub that is relaxed, cheap, and very loud with trance and heavy metal music.

Club Travolta is more of a fashionable two-story club with minimalist design and music from electronic to hip-hop. Not many youngsters like to go there but if your taste is kind of singular then this is your type of place.

U 60311 is an electronic club with almost 10,000 square feet of dance space for the young and energetic crowd of Frankfurt.

It is placed in a former pedestrian tunnel and was refurbished and renovated in 2006 and is still gritty and fun.

Silbergold is one of the mega-club of Frankfurt which often has a very long line waiting to get in, but once you are in you can party all night to the many different guest DJs with their amazing music performances.

Chango Latin Palace is the largest club in Frankfurt featuring Latin music of all kinds. A dance teacher offers lessons to all the crowd to start the evening, then the club-goers salsa into the night.

Final Destination Club is the place to go for anything goth, heavy metal or hardcore or even if you wanna get high or drunk then this is the place to do it with your escort and lose yourself for a while with the beat of the hardcore metal music which will summon your inner demons and will you party all night. This club is different from all the others because of the concept of the kind of party which this club offers.

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