//Things to know if your car gets towed in Frankfurt?

Things to know if your car gets towed in Frankfurt?

Things to know if your car gets towed in Frankfurt?

In the contemporary world, we can see how much traffic has affected our lives from different perspectives. The majority of the time we can notice that due to traffic most of our chores and important meetings have been ruined but more than the traffic what makes us late more is that we never find parking. 

Parking is one of those main issues that can never be solved easily. Due to the heavy usage of cars and less usage of public transport, parking lots have been occupied. In Frankfurt, this is a daily mess that you park your car at a side of the road and unfortunately finding a good parking slot can waste all of your time. Wastage of time can lead to several bad decisions in your professional and personal life. 

On the other hand, what will make you worry more is that if you didn’t find a parking slot and thought of parking your car on the side of the road then this decision can get your car towed. Car tow and fines from the traffic department and all this procedure is a long process but in case if you have parked your car at a place and couldn’t find it its better you follow these tips. 

Tips to find out if your car is towed or not

  • Call the concerned authorities

The best way to find if your car has towed or not is to contact the security of that area.  if you find one and if you couldn’t find any local security officer you must contact the traffic department and police as soon as possible as you never know it may not be towed but stolen. 

These authorities can help you if your car has been towed and direct you to the towing company as not one company deals with this but every time there’s a different company that deals with it. 

  • Get your car

The moment you find out which towing company is dealing with this issue you need to get your car as fast as you can. The delay of one day can make them charge you extra amounts for keeping your car for one extra day and that would add more burden on you, as the towing fees should be paid by you and not by anyone else.

  • Fine payment

Towing fees are not the only fees you are going to pay but you are going to be charged after few days with a fine that you need to pay for violating the laws and this fine amount depends on the type of violation you have made by parking at a wrong slot. 

  • Check the surroundings

At times the car isn’t towed by a towing company but due to several construction works or other urgent issues the cars parked are moved from that parking slot to another nearby slot to make it easier for them to work. Having cars at the place of construction would ruin the cars and cause more trouble. 

Calling the emergency numbers of your local police and traffic departments in Frankfurt can assist you in tracking your car. At the time being, you can check your surroundings while the police look into the matter. In case they found your car you need to pay the towing fees and fine for violating the traffic rules and parking wrong.  Finding a parking slot in Frankfurt can be difficult but you need to find a slot that doesn’t cause you any trouble and is safe from towing. 

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