//Parks and Recreation at Frankfurt

Parks and Recreation at Frankfurt

Parks and Recreation at Frankfurt

A city like Frankfurt is filled with loads of places for entertaining the tourists. There are hundreds of museums, shopping malls, theater, pubs, bars, and even some great theaters. Some big markets are open for business 24/7. Restaurants, cafes, diners, and even BnB are running continuously. However, there is one place which is for the people with an introverted nature. Sometimes, it feels great to get out of big crowds and stay close to nature. The mankind has stepped out of jungles for hundreds of years. However, there is no way to rescind the connection with the wild life and nature. The entire planet depends upon trees and plants for their sustenance. The plants may be placed at the bottom of the food chain. However, without these no singular living creature can remain alive. 

The concrete jungle may be surrounding the most of the human habitat but in reality the plants are something that is needed to be preserved for the sake of survival. Therefore, most big cities invest in public parks. These parks are the places where the people can come to relax from time to time. Parks are also a great way to reduce pollution levels in the city that is created by 24/7 traffic and carbon pollution in the air. An average worker in a busy city spends about 3-4 hours a day inhaling the toxic smoke of the traffic. However, spending a few hours at a park can be a great way of getting rid of these toxins. Finding these parks in the city of Frankfurt is not only easy but there are so many great choices available. Here are some of the best parks in the city:

Best Parks in the Frankfurt City

  • Adolph-von-Holzhausen  Park:

This park has been given for the benefit of public by the Holzhausen family. It was owned by this family until 1500s. There are many castles that are built within the park. These castles represent a French classiscistic-barquoe style of architecture. The park is spread at the area of 3 acres in total. There is a small pond which starts to cover with orange and yellow leaves during the autumn season. The design and the pieces of this park make it one of the most highly sought after and scenic places in the German city. There are rows after rows of chestnut trees that are planted in the park. Visiting this park is like taking a stroll back in time. Unlike traditional grassy parks the tall and shadowy trees in the park makes it a very interesting place to visit.

  • Lohrberg:

This huge park seems like never ending green patches on the face of the earth. It is a perfect place for a family to have a big picnic or bar-b-que on the weekends. There are designated areas where visitors can start a bar-b-que. Since the entire place is covered in yards after yards of green grass, the children can have plenty of room to play here. The people come here in large quantities to hang out with friends and families over the weekend. The place turns into a golden patch during the sunset. Those who have become tired of daily tensions of life can come here to spend some quiet and peaceful time with their loved ones. The park is strictly regulated by the administrative authorities. The people are not allowed to liter or wreck the park property under any circumstances. Another great charm of the park is the view of the city that illuminates the entire place. 

  • Rothschild Park:

This park is owned and regulated by the Rothschild family. The park is open 24/7 for visitors and tourists from all over the world. This park has a tactical location. It is situated in the business district of the Frankfurt city called Bankenvietrel. Therefore, it is often seen flocked by office employees or workers who are trying to have their lunch in peace or blow off the steam after a busy day at work. The park is not a mere grassy land. There are spots like Ring der Statuen, which is a great place to behold. This Ring consists of a series of peculiar and interesting statutes. This park is also a great spot for the tourists to take a break during their busy day trips. It connects the residential blocks with the business area of the Frankfurt city, which is a great transition.

  • Bethmannpark:

The main attractions of this park are the flowers that are planted here. During the spring bloom this park is lit up with all colors and types of flowers that have been planted here. Inhaling the natural scents of this park is a great way to rejuvenate the senses and feel refreshed. There is also a big Chinese garden that is perfected with the principles of Feng-shui. So many places provide the perfect opportunity for taking pictures like dragon portal, pedestrian bridge, and the small but colorful pond.

  • Palmengarten:

No mention of Frankfurt city parks is complete without mentioning the infamous Palmengarten. There are so many exhibitions in this place and so many activates to do that it is in itself a great tourist spot. This park is actually a 147 years botanical garden that contains of rare plant species from all around the world. The Palmengarten was seen as a wonder of the world at the time when it was built. Royals from all over the world would come to pay a visit to this exotic and interesting place. Even after more than a century this place has not lost its charms. There are even many kiosks and restaurants that take care of the hungry tourists. 


Parks are nothing short of a national treasure. The city of Frankfurt is certainly rich in this treasure. There are many other great parks besides the ones that are mentioned in this list. Any person who wants to cozy up with a good book or take a breather from the hustle and bustle of daily life can crash in the parks for a few moments.

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