//Average salaries of German escorts

Average salaries of German escorts

In Germany, escort agencies operate on a legal basis. Also, the country is legally allowed to engage in prostitution. The positive aspects are that now such women have the right to go to court for a negligent client, are organized in their trade unions and receive old-age pensions. Taxation for such workers is carried out on a common basis. Taxes are provided even for women working on the street. For the first time, peculiar street vending machines for collecting such taxes appeared in the German city of Bonn. Many confuse high-class escort agencies with conventional tolerance homes. There are a small number of companies specializing only in escort services. Sex services are considered in them only as a possible addition to the evening. Good escort services are often disguised as elite modeling agencies. Among the vacancies on the Internet, you can see the agencies that provide escort tours to Europe and Germany. Such work includes a full escort for a period of 1 to 3 months with the provision of accommodation and payment for tickets. But even there they immediately warn that only 10-15% of customers buy “pure” escort without providing intimate services. By agreeing to such a job, you must be prepared for the most diverse male desires.

In real escort agencies, there is a kind of classification for a real or “clean” escort and, as it were, escort with the provision of sex services or a “working” escort. There is a very little real escort. Only a small part of men comes to such agencies to rent a girl to show their friends. For these purposes, there is a separate category of girls for a “clean” escort. But the vast majority of men prefer to end a business evening in bed with their interlocutors. Often, all the details of the upcoming evening are discussed in advance at a preliminary meeting of the client with the girl. Some agencies like Escort- Lady Luck provide for the possibility of a girl refusing to provide sex services to a specific client. In this case, he may be offered a replacement. Even though it is not acceptable to refuse, such cases have the right to be. Most often, girls from 21 to 40 years are invited. You can find an invitation for girls from 18 years old. Pleasant, pretty appearance, and well-groomed appearance. Men who come for various reasons to an elite escort agency want to see beautiful women. By the way, almost all agencies have real and genuine pictures of all their girls on their website. From where customers prefer to choose their sex companion for the evening. 

The average salary of girls in escort agencies

Unfortunately, there are no official statistics on the salary of girls on an escort. The fact that you can get very, very much. But here a lot depends on personal abilities. Probably, like in any other job. You know how to teach yourself beautifully, you know foreign languages, you know the intricacies of seduction, and such a girl is rented again, and now the client is already inviting her on a joint trip. According to reviews, a high income can only be obtained by providing intimate services to the client. The moral principles here should allow us to fulfill almost all the desires of the client. When renting two girls at once, the cost of payments also rises. Many escort agencies immediately offer up to 3-4 thousand euros per week. Hourly pay for 2019 in Germany averages 130 euros. This is much higher than the minimum wage in Germany. Departure to the client is paid more. In general, with minimal experience in reality, you can count on 1,500 euros per week. Payout comes from the calculation of 50/50 or 60/40. Almost always money is paid daily. Accompanied by an important client, the average income per evening can reach 500-700 dollars. The cost of escort for several days with the provision of sex is estimated at 2-4 thousand dollars. This is with free dinners with customers and comfortable living in well-furnished rooms. Separately, it is worth mentioning the so-called consummation. This is a form of earning by encouraging a man to order expensive alcoholic drinks and cocktails for his companion. The income from the price of such a cocktail is usually divided in half and part of the funds goes to the girl’s account. Often there is a preliminary arrangement with the administration or the waiter. The latter pours juice and other soft drinks into the girl’s glass. After all, a drunk companion has never created a good reputation for a businessman. This type of earnings is practiced not only in escort agencies but in modeling services and various clubs. The main duty of the girl is to breed the man in as many drinks as possible. At agencies, men just have to do it. Indeed, without a conversation with the girl at the table, it is impossible to find out how well she can fulfill the role of “accompanying” at an important business meeting.

Each Escort Frankfurt herself has the right to choose in which sphere she should build a career. Many, deciding to make money on a new car or their own home, linger on such work for a long time. Indeed, you quickly get used to a beautiful life. But sometimes the impossibility of creating your own family and having children is hidden behind high earnings and an easy manner of life. Besides, beautiful life can often turn into a completely different side. Choose the right employer, do not believe the promises to earn big money quickly and easily. And of course, do not give your documents upon arrival at the escort agency. Foreign girls are much easier to fool than local women. After all, often they don’t even know spoken German.

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