//7 Foods you need to try when you are in Frankfurt

7 Foods you need to try when you are in Frankfurt

If you are visiting Frankfurt and want to try some of the best dishes in this beautiful city of Germany then here is the list of things you need to try to have the best experience of food. Frankfurt is one of the busiest cities in Germany has so many popular restaurants that serve the best dishes from all over the world. You can get all kinds of dishes in this city, whether you want to eat something healthy that will fill you with energy for the whole day, have a brunch or lunch with a German escort, or to enjoy a good sophisticated meal with your family, here are some of the dishes you can’t miss out to eat. The top delicious dishes to have in Frankfurt include different kinds of dishes from all over the world and even the traditional German dishes which could be a new thing for you to try. You don’t want to leave Frankfurt without getting a taste of all these flavorful dishes that are the real pride of these German restaurants.

Ristorante Sardegna

The moment you enter this restaurant, the smell from the kitchen will take you on a journey to the beaches of Sardinia and Campania. They have an amazing menu that has all the best dishes of Sardinian and Italian cuisine. This restaurant gives you the vibe of the Mediterranean located in Frankfurt. Their special and main dish is the Spaghetti Aglio which is made with the pressed garlic and olive oil that is dipped with spaghetti. This dish is served either with Parmesan cheese or dried chili, it all depends on your taste. Don’t forget to take wine with it as it will give you a nice touch with your delicious meal. The restaurant is located at Altstadt. Fahrgasse 84, 60311.


If you are into sushi then Iwase is the place for you. Iwase is a trendy Japanese restaurant located at Innenstadt. Vilbeler Str. 31, 60313. Their sushi is pretty popular in Frankfurt and it is made with the freshest seaweed, sticky rice, and high-quality tuna fish, well prepared to enhance its flavor and presentation to blow your taste buds and mind. This is not an average sushi restaurant, it gives you the feel of Tokyo where they prepare sushi using high-quality tuna and fresh ingredients. You can enjoy the most real taste of sushi at Iwase with some rolls that melt in your mouth and would give you the great flavor of this traditional Japanese dish in Frankfurt.

Best Worscht in Town

Without a doubt, this restaurant serves the best Worschts in the whole of Frankfurt. It has eight different levels of hotness, as in spiciness, it goes like from the lowest level to the spiciest level with the best habanero sauce in Frankfurt. The best dish to try is The Curry Wurst which has the juicy taste of its meat with a perfect flavor of the curry. This dish has the perfect balance between them. Top it with its delicious homemade sauces and you will be on the journey of the amazing taste of your life. Top it with the delicious homemade sauces which would complement your meal. You can even tell that the guys at Best Worscht are very proud of their Bio- and Vegan Wurst as well as their ‘Bauernbrot’ which is unlike the typical bread you might expect usually in Frankfurt.


One of the city’s most popular specialties is Apfelwein, it is a tart apple wine which can be found all over the city. It is mainly popular in the Sachsenhausen neighborhood, which was once covered in wine known as the vineyards. Almost 250 years ago the grapes got infected with a bacteria that killed all the vineyards in Frankfurt, so they started making the wine from apples, which weren’t affected at all. Apfelwein is also called Ebbelwei, Ebbelwoi, Äppler, Schoppe, or Stöffche and it has been popular ever since. Apfelwein is poured traditionally from a clay jug known as Bambel, into a glass with rough edges called a Geripptes. It is much more tart and sour than the apple cider Americans are used to, but still refreshingly and surprisingly tastes good. Apfelwein is also really good for your immune system, your heart, and even your brain too. Some many bars and restaurants make their apfelwein in Frankfurt. However, each of these bars and restaurants has a slightly different variation. Those restaurants who make their own usually have a taste of modern-day wine which is a good touch for a traditional wine. It’s also common to see Apfelwein mixed with sparkling water or even flavored soda in Frankfurt.


One more drink to add to your things to try in the Frankfurt list is the popular Mispelchen. This Hessian specialty is something to die for. It is usually served in Frankfurt cider houses after you get done with your meal and everything. The drink is made with apple brandy which is called Calvados, this small drink has an Ioquat fruit at the bottom of the glass. The sour-sweet fruit is usually pickled and stuck with a toothpick to pluck out of the glass once you are done with your drink.

Frankfurter Rippchen

Frankfurter Rippchen also is known as Rippchen mit Kraut, is Frankfurt’s take on the pork chops for pork lovers. The little pork cutlets are slowly cooked in sauerkraut or meat broth for a minimum of 20 minutes and then served with sauerkraut and potatoes as sidelines. The dish is very simple, delicious, and satisfying. Pair this perfect dish with the Apfelwein and enjoy the best meal of your life.


This fried chicken is nothing like what you might get at KFC or BonChon which is a global Korean Fried Chicken chain. The taste of this dish feels like Korean home cooking. The favorite sauce is the classic sweet and spicy sauce with hints of garlic in it. It is the right balance of all these flavors.

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