//Professional date with top-rated escort Frankfurt

Professional date with top-rated escort Frankfurt

I have been living in Frankfurt since the past six years. Since Frankfurt is considered as the main financial hub of Germany, a lot of businessmen visit the city to conduct their business meetings and events. As an Escort Frankfurt, I have gone on dates with multiple businessmen as a beautiful companion during their business events. Professional date with top-rated escort Frankfurt it was Thursday night when I was informed by my employers that I have to visit the airport in the morning to receive my client. I arrived at the airport five minutes before the flight of my date landed since I am a punctual person and understand the worth of my client’s time. Usually businessmen are old men who are not at the top when it comes to looks but this guy was a class apart. His hairstyle was modish and his clothing was the most elegant I have ever seen. He greeted me and while on our way to his hotel, he told me that he wanted someone to accompany him to his company’s annual corporate event since his girlfriend refused to come along. Professional date with top-rated escort Frankfurt we discussed about many things, even deciding the color of the tie he should wear to the event. He was a cultured man with amazing looks so I was quite excited by the thought of accompanying him to the event. We reached the Roomers Hotel where he booked a suite and headed straight to the room to get ready for the function. He gave me a box as well in which I found a lovely dress which he wanted me to wear for the event. Once we both got dressed, we drank a glass of chilled champagne before we left for the event. The event was held in the same hotel where he was staying. As soon as we entered the ballroom, I felt that all eyes were on us because everyone was coming to greet my client. After greeting all the guests, we both sat at a table and kept talking about each other’s interest. He also told me how sad he felt when his girlfriend refused to attend the event with him in favor of her cousin’s graduation ceremony. Professional date with top-rated escort Frankfurt before I could say anything, we heard an announcement that all the couples should be on the dance floor to have some fun. I saw this as an opportunity to divert his attention from his girlfriend and asked him if we wanted to dance to which he replied positively. After the dance, he asked me if we could go somewhere cozy to eat since he did not want to sit between so many people. We left the hotel and went to have a romantic candlelight dinner at the Weinsinn Restaurant where had a lot of fun due to the delicious food and cozy ambiance. When we were back in the car after leaving the restaurant, he told me how happy he was that his girlfriend didn’t accompany him otherwise he wouldn’t have so much fun with me. We made-out passionately in the car before I dropped him back at his hotel with the contentment that I was able to satisfy my date.

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