//How to Become an Escort

How to Become an Escort

At first, it is undoubtedly necessary to reframe the job of an escort girl. This term replaced by it is known as a prostitute. But are these two professions perfectly similar?

Since the institution of the passive soliciting offense in 2003, the profession has been exercising more and more in the shadows, even in the light of screens. If the results of this law prove to be mixed because it did not give rise to a net reduction in pimping, it made it possible to operate this mutation of the term prostitute which had a somewhat too vulgar connotation towards escort girl. As for the latter, this Americanized designation gives it greater independence. It seems that many escort girls are young girls and women who want to free themselves from the world of work by opting for an alternative activity. For the most part, the job of an escort girl consents. It is young girls and women who decide to practice it and who also define the limits of their services. These do not necessarily involve sexual intercourse with their clients but can take many nuances and aspects.

As for the requirements of the trade, it first requires a rather attractive plastic. The escort girl must indeed have a rather enticing physique to seduce her clientele. This does not mean, however, that she should neglect her intellect. As they are often hired to keep company with men of a certain social status, they must also show culture to keep the discussion going if necessary. Quite documented studies tend to show that certain young girls temporarily exercise this activity to pay for their studies. Numerous testimonies corroborate this reality. It is generally young women who declare: “having made a parenthesis in their life”. They also acknowledge that they were lucky not to have suffered from this temporary condition. It is therefore sometimes economic constraints that encourage these women to follow this path. When they do, it is generally outside any structure, independently and they prefer to limit themselves to strictly support their customers and not go beyond it unless affinities. As for experts, they have numerous  media to broadcast their videos and offer  their services. They must, therefore, maintain their figure with great care and remain lively.

This is a question that comes up often: how much does an escort girl earn on average? If this amount is variable, probably depending on the quality of the service, certain figures can be put forward. For 1 hour, the price would be 200 to 300 euros. When you use an agency, the rates double. To spend a full day with her, you would have to pay around 2,500 euros. All these prices 

are given for information only because it is obvious that a professional can establish her price list to invoice her customers.

Pros and cons of the escort girl profession

If the advantages seem obvious with the possibility of earning money quickly in a rather sympathetic way in the majority of the cases, the disadvantages are to be listed:

  • Fall on violent clients and find themselves defenseless for escort girls who do not go through an agency.
  • Negotiate its service well and define its limits.
  • Face unfair competition with escorts from countries where this type of service is underpaid. This lowers prices and encourages pimping.
  • Not to be devalued by its customers. Even if the practice of this profession can give rise to mockery on the part of the customers, it is important to make a kind of shell to remain insensitive to attacks. Choosing this activity also means guarding against all the prejudices attached to it.
  • Try to get out by the big door by stopping its activity on time. Many escort girls build a small mattress and then change the profession without a problem.

Precautions level of use, you should be hyper-paranoid and be extremely careful. A golden rule that you should never deviate from is to not receive anyone at your place. You should entrust the customer’s address to a trusted friend and if the man comes to pick you up, note the plate and pass it on to the same friend. Then there is the health issue; never without a hood even for blowjobs and above all always get paid before.

Most of your regular clients would be fairly average. They would be married, have kids, a nice hut, and a stable job. They mainly come to break their couple routine and their requests are generally classic. Nothing too extraordinary. Do not believe that there are only fantasies of glory hole or fist fucking. 

If you have the physique and the age to start escorting, it would be better to contact an agency offering this kind of service. The advantage here is that the rights of the employee are respected since she has a form of a professional contract. The limits in dealing with customers are therefore clear. She also has an easier time finding clients. Added to this is the fact that the rate she receives is very reasonable. Some of these escort agencies have websites where you can easily create a profile and find clients. The agency will then receive a commission on the income to be paid to you.

However, the escort girl has the opportunity to manage her career completely independently. In this case, she would need a line or a private account through which customers could contact her. She, therefore, takes care of organizing her calendar and invoices according to a grid specific to her. But in this career management mode, the call girl is responsible for her safety. She must, therefore, know how to manage the temperament of these clients so as not to be subjected to violence of all kinds. It will, therefore, have to ensure compliance with the laws framing the profession. If you are in a contract with an agency then they usually provide bouncers to go with you and meet your client.

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