//Become a better escort: Tips for ladies

Become a better escort: Tips for ladies

There are a few things that make men go wild. One must remember that desires are so diverse and so escorts should always be themselves. A stunningly beautiful girl who is new to this escort industry or a particular city will always be popular at first. But things going to change once she’s slept with all the clients who were curious about her. So the only way in which she will continue to be successful is if she has the brains, skills and enough sexual confidence to match. Most of the clients just want good sex and good companionship. There have been so many beautiful working girls who get overly confident in their first few months in the escort industry, and then later get shocked and wonder why they don’t have any regulars. You need to be more than just beautiful, the outer beauty has nothing to do with establishing a good bond with a worthy client.

You would see girls who don’t get picked, but suddenly one day they are constantly being chosen. Certain times during these escorts monthly cycle men just die to devour to these escorts. For instance, there would times where the escort would barely wear makeup and feel sleepy, yet every man they meet wants to book with them. They can be completely covered up but still, somehow men can detect the monthly ‘ripeness.’ This is mostly around their ovulation period, and these escorts are feeling most horny at this time. Men can easily detect this as if there is a magnetic force between them and the escort’s body. You also need to take good care of your health. Stress can destroy your charm and can give you sleepless nights which will result in dark circles and puffy eyes. It won’t matter how beautiful you are if you can’t please your client with your skills, you are not fit for escort work. An escort can be popular for periods in her career as an escort, but even the most beautiful girl will indeed go from being popular to just having her regular clients and consistent flow. It all depends, as all escorts are unique in their way and skills. Most clients choose an escort with both beauty and intellect. Apart from your admired face, big boobs, and shapely backside, you should always retain a bit of elegance in your manners, dress, and the way of holding up a conversation, so many clients are attracted to this and it makes them feel at ease. The way you present yourself plays an important role in what sort of clients you are going to attract. If you have a rude personality and you present yourself as purely flesh, it would only attract a kind of clientele you wouldn’t want. An escort who is good with her manners is always liked by her clients. It would make the clients admire your beauty, the way you carry yourself, and the way you respectably deal with them. This will make you stand out and you would look strikingly beautiful inside and out. If you have such an intoxicating persona, genuine and loving then it would easily draw men to you. You should be extremely intelligent, sincerely sweet, and should be easy to talk to. The most popular girls and huge in demand are those who know exactly how to make their clients happy.

Always dress professionally and arrive on time to meet clients. This shows that you mean business and you take your job seriously. It does not matter which type of escorting services you provide, the key is to provide the professional service. If you are going to attend an event with your client then make sure to ask them what the dress code is, so that you know what sort of attire is appropriate to wear and you don’t embarrass yourself and your client by wearing something inappropriate. Whether you are meeting the client at their home, office, hotel room, or in a public space, make sure that you have planned your travel arrangements well in advance so that you aren’t late for the meetup. If you are going to provide any sexual services to your client then don’t forget to use protection. Your health and safety should be your priority so protection is the best way to keep yourself safe. You would not have to worry about getting any kind of infection or decease and you can have a great time. Use a water-based lubricant to help prevent the condoms from breaking at any time. Before intercourse or even giving your client a blowjob, just take a quick look for any signs of genital swelling, rashes, discharge, or any other kind of STIs. It is always better to keep condoms of your choice with you and never compromise on your health and safety. Many people insist escorts let them do raw (without condoms) and that they should take pills later or even force escorts to take drugs so that they could do it without a condom. Be smart enough to say ‘NO’ and never let them make you do something you are not comfortable with. The whole experience should be safe, hygienic, and pleasant. Be vocal about the services you don’t provide and stick with your decision at all costs. Leave the place immediately if you think that you don’t feel safe or comfortable.

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