//10 Things to Do in Frankfurt Right Now

10 Things to Do in Frankfurt Right Now

10 Things to Do in Frankfurt Right Now

Most people who visit Germany do not what to find there. Planning a vacation does not have to be tiresome and full of problems. When in Rome do as the Romans do and when in Frankfurt on a holiday find these lucrative activities that are sure to make a favorite among your friends and family member. This list of top 10 things would help to plan a great activity for every day of your visit. No matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert, you would not have to worry about depending on the costly resort tour guides. 

No more wasting your time and money on boring and stale vacation activities. No more running lengthy research projects online and no more following around your tour guide having no idea what is next things that you are going to visit. This list saves your trip from the danger of turning into a slump and a total disaster. There is nothing better than offering a new experience on every day of your paid vacation and there is no better way to make the best of your holidays than planning your trip from scratch:

A Trip to Remember In Frankfurt

  • The Jewish Museum of Frankfurt

Lovers of literature and history buffs love to pay a visit to the ancient Rothschild Palace. The place is full of bits and pieces from the most important era of the Jewish culture and heritage. There are guides and plaques at every corner of the museum. Each article at this castle and each room are filled with stories of historical importance. Jewish people also love to pay a visit here out of respect to their forefathers and also out of curiosity about the ways of life in the olden days.

The artifacts here date back to 900 years old Jewish history and way of life. The museum was inaugurated in the 1930s before the fiasco of the Second World War hit the German borders. A huge research library acts as another lucrative attaché of the place.  Another Jewish museum in Frankfurt worth a visit is the Museum Judengasse. The place offers an interesting insight into Jewish history as far back as the 1400s. The guides are friendly and do not hesitate to answer any questions that the visitors may have. There are gift shops for people who want to take home a souvenir.

  • Eschenheim Tower

If you are really into the historical places that offer a great insight into the lives of the rich Jewish culture then you are going to love to pay a visit to Eschenheim Tower. The place possesses relics from the 1400s ago and there could not be a better way to walk into the shoes of ancestors. The walls of this tower are laden with stories and events that shaped the world as it is today. There is a café downstairs where history buffs tally their notes and have insightful discussions about artifacts that have managed to detain their shapes after centuries have gone by. The place is larger than life and it is the subject of media house stories and hot internet debates. Parents add this place exclusively to teach their children about the important facts from the past and allow them to experience the passage of time. The Eschenheim Tower is a great place to start if you want to stay connected to your roots. However, the nearby stock exchange building erected in 1879 is also often frequented by tourists. There are special rooms for discussion that are booked by local historical societies more usual than often. 

  • The Old Opera House

This is certainly a sight for the sore eyes. For the people of refined taste and enthusiasm for live theater and drama the old opera house of Frankfurt is a great place to be. Due to the advance in technology people can go online to book a seat. However, as soon as a person sets foot inside the opera house it feels like they have stepped into a century-old place. The place is so famous that the square is named after it where it is located. 

After the mayhem of World War 2, the place was in shambles. However, it was reconstructed with a few upgrades in 1981. The biggest theater stars of Frankfurt consider it their honor to perform at the infamous opera house. Many important figurines from the opera line who are globally recognized often host shows at the age-old opera house of Frankfurt. Despite, the passage of the century people from all over the world come to watch these exclusive shows and the place is often a full house.

  • Frankfurt Zoo

The second oldest zoo in Germany is not a place to miss out on. There are a whopping 4,500 different species of animals that are on display here. There are dedicated emporiums for birds and a whole forest that is dedicated to Exotic apes. Frankfurt zoo is the kind of place that has been favored by a lot of animal lovers. The animals are not locked behind caged bars and most of the cages have plenty of space. 

The Apes are free to interact with people and even accept fresh fruits as gifts from their visitors. The bird’s emporium is highly regulated but each species is paired and free to fly around within the confines of the emporium. Not only small children but adults have a great time at this zoo. There are so many different animal species and some of them have been ordered from distant countries like Madagascar. The Exotarium is a dedicated section of the zoo that contains animals from foreign countries. 

  • Museum of Modern Art

If you are an art buff then you would love to pay a visit to the museum of modern art in Frankfurt. The art display here is contributed by modern artists in the industry. Art lovers and collectors from every part of the world come here to contribute. The museum specializes in postmodernist art themes. There are around 5000 art sculptures and portraits contributed by artists from every part of the world. 

The museum itself was inaugurated in 1991 and after its postmodernist transformation artwork from the 1960s is still being displayed at this place. The top artists who have contributed include names like Andy Warhol, Roy Liechtenstein, and Sir Francis Bacon. The total count of Asian and European Art pieces include articles like glass, ceramic, tapestries, furniture, and books. 

  • The Hauptwache

In the heart of Frankfurt, there is a memorable square. The Hauptwache square is much more than just an average crossing for the pedestrians. It is the central part of the city that opens a route to every part of the city. The literal translation of the word Hauptwache is “Main Guard.” This square was built in 1730 as a junction for the police station or to provide a guard to the militia. Every person who visits Frankfurt is sure to come by this place.

 The old place of misery and control now serves as a famous café. The café is famous for its signature coffee and great ambiance. There is also a large underground mall where tourists love to buy presents and gifts for their loved ones back home. The square is one of the biggest train terminals in Europe and serves as the main train station for Frankfurt city. The huge underground mall is a great way to make use of the space that has been left out from the old tracks and train stations.

  • The Palm Garden

The great Palm Garden of Frankfurt is not only famous in Germany but it became a worldwide phenomenon after its inauguration in 1890. The idea of a place like a botanical garden has been and is still quite out of the ordinary. At the time of its inauguration royals from all over the world come to pay a visit here and contribute plants from their local regions. This place is not only great for a stroll but it makes for a healthy alternative as well. Many people who are tired of their lives being tied around electronics and pollution of the roads come here frequently to detox. The locals of the Frankfurt palace often come here to clean out their lungs and have a hearty conversation with their loved ones. The Palm Garden has become a part of many literary stories and often finds its place in the historical based media stories.


In the same vein, there are some other great places to visit such as the following. All of these places are a great fix in their own right and every place is laden with a fusion of old and the new:

  • Romesburg the old town of Frankfurt.
  • Stadel Museum.
  • Museum District: Museumsufer.
  • Secnkenberg Natural History Museum.
  • Frankfurt Cathedral.
  • Klienmarkthalle: The famous market.
  • Goethe House and Museum.
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